Picked up a pot between Lundy and Padstow, in 178ft of water. Unable to lift pot so had to launch Dinghy and cut away the 25mm line atached to float. Pick up bouy was wieghted with lead which made it impossible to remove without cutting.

This was a marked pot, but good god, why in the middle of the bristol channel, I don't generally start pot watch proper until a few miles off land fall. If it had not been fair weather this could have turned serious in deep open water.

Approaching Padstow later in the morning now light, it is apparent that night time entrance to the river should not be attempted. Yacht catchers everywhere, all the way across the river entrance, turn to avoid one and another is in your path. I complained to the harbour master, who basically told me to wind my neck in, no one else has a problem apparently....you decide, I wont be visiting Padstow again in a great rush, which is a shame.

Sorry to the fishermen who lost their pot, but I had to release my vessel, stop laying pots in deep water, this is the fault of GPS, as before they would never have relocated it. If I was not a catamaran and my prop was well under the transom, I would have probably been an RNLI statistic, being tied to the bottom in 2kts current is not funny. I have twin engines so I could limp in under one.

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