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    At night I usually make passage well offshore to avoid pots.

    Well I'm sorry to tell you that there are pots 30 miles off shore in the Irish Sea, mind you they do have big orange bouys on them. Even so, when I travel at night across there I follow the ferry route in the hopes that they will have removed any potential trap for me


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    My solution is very simple, these float and are constantly moving, so need to be much larger than the clear pop bottle and brightly coloured for easy visibility. They could use LED technologies and kinetics. Kinetics are simply the power generated from movement like the kinetic watches now so popular, no winding, just shake, and these are cheaply and easily manufactured, and suit low consumption LED's perfectly.

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    Seeing all the potential solutions being given here, have IPC / MBM talked to Seafish regarding this issue?

    I worked with them a few years ago developing lifejackets for fishermen, and have always found them very receptive. Give fishermen a solution, and they'll use it - lecture them about the inconvenience it causes you, and most will switch off.

    If MBM want to contact me if they read this, I'll be happy to see if we can get the ball rolling on a lit design.

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    Anyone clever enough to post a chart of uk waters where we could drag and drop a dot at coords where we spot pots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom18 View Post
    Anyone clever enough to post a chart of uk waters where we could drag and drop a dot at coords where we spot pots?
    Just to prove this can easily be done, an example with 2 pot locations and 1 dive location :

    Moving the cursor over the map shows the current location.
    Clicking shows the clicked spot coordinates.

    Obviously this still needs a lot of functionality e.g. :
    - Remember last position/zoom level.
    - Read data from database (instead of file) depending on zoom level (currently all data is loaded).
    - Click to select a new entry, add comment and add to list.
    - View page and data entry page.
    - Protect data entry page with login (to avoid spamming coordinates)
    - Different coordinate types eg. : pot, wreck, fish, dive, ...
    - Multiple coordinates mark an area.
    - Get your current location from GPS.
    - Management functions (delete, download list,...)

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    You can now add a pot or dive site location.

    For best performance, zoom in as much as possible to add a location using the click function.
    Otherwise just add the coordinates.

    There is still lots of work to be done, but I await your judgement.

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    Lots of pots in the bay East of Osbourne Bay Isle of Wight last week.

    All over the waterski area

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    Spot The Pot entry page has been modified :
    - Data is stored in a MySQL database.
    - Markers can be dragged/edited and modified.
    - Data entry and loading is trough AJAX, so no browser refresh occurs.
    - Last position/zoom level is stored in a cookie so when revisiting the page you return to your last position.
    - Extra data fields have been added to remember entry datetime, last modified datetime, user id (for when a logon is required) and status (deleted items will remain in the database)

    I have a lot more things to do on my list, but it depends if the forum members aprove or disaprove.
    To name a few that spring to mind :
    - Data validity checks
    - N/S, E/S indication.
    - Import/export KML format data (e.g. usage in Google Earth)
    - When the databases grows too large it would be best to only load markers depending on location and zoom level.
    - Mark an area.
    - Add personal data such as pictures.
    - Extend the usage to include favorite haunts and so on (red dot and gold dot bay

    Annyhow it has been great fun exploring the Google maps and it's surprising what a mere 500 lines of code can acomplish.

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    hit one of the buggers in rough sea 8th april 2012
    2 lines of pots just north of walton pier going to harwich
    marked with white gallon plastic bottles, start of 1 line had a blue plastic can.
    getting lifted out next week as we lost one drive...
    what would happen next time i pass that area and its calm if i was to lift a couple of there pots with my windless as compensation !!!!
    Heather and Steve

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    Came across this yesterday evening, just west of Spit Bank Fort off Portsmouth entrance, and right in the way of leisure boats coming in avoiding the main shipping channel and on their way to enter the small boat channel. These white containers are all but invisible if there's any chop on the water. I've reported it this morning to QHM and asked if they take action when these pots with inadequate markings are reported, and which contravene their own bylaws.

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