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    [QUOTE=Bilgediver;3462377]One fell says 1994........another says 1996.......Oh well lets settle for 1998.

    Good try, bilgediver but it really doesn't make any difference to me as the boat was build 1967 in what I understand was an European territory.
    Anyone with a good point out there?

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    The rules on home-built boats are that they are exempt form RCD as long as they aren't sold within 5 years of completion. Your problem is how to prove it. Of course if you can prove the boat was in UK waters before the deadline the build becomes irrelevant but it's another possible avenue out of the mire of red tape.

    In my case I have kept receipts for materials & equipment to prove VAT status and the receipt for the first launch to prove RCD status.
    One hull good, two hulls better.

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