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    Default Raymarine/Autohelm 4000 wheel pilot belt

    I have bought the wrong replacement drive belt for a Raymarine wheel pilot. It is from a manufacturer called Polybelt in the USA - so not worth the postage/hassle to return. So I now have a new D169 spec belt (750mm circumference, 150 teeth, 5mm pitch) for the older version of the 4000 wheel pilots for sale. It is a well made belt (all synthetic so corrosion proof) but is NOT suitable for the ST4000 Mk2 (also known as ST4000+) wheel pilot:

    Asking 15 including postage.

    Details/pic of the belt can be seen on the Polybelt Ebay shop:

    Note: Polybelt do supply a belt for the Mk2 wheel pilot I just didn't do enough research!

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