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    Question Do you own or have you read this book?

    Do you own or have you read this book?

    RELAX, Rum is the answer. Now what is your Question?

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    Did go to buy that book a few years ago but then found at a car boot sell a rya power boating/motor cruising, 2 great book covers loads inc weather.

    This one

    keep it on the boat now very handy and good reading, if you fancy a read up would highly recommend it.

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    I've read it and the jokes are terrible. To be honest, I found it to be quite handy to read, just ignore the buoy information because its the other way round in the US, which is a shame as "Red on the Right when Returning" was an easy thing to remember, but now I just thing "Red on the Right when Running"

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    How about "Red on the Right when Returning is wRong"?


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