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    Default Good news story: Rance and Caen a La Mer.

    According to YM reader Phil Ball:

    There's no need for a CEVNI as far as Dinan (effectively all of it) on the Rance.

    Also no need for a CEVNI on the Canal de Caen a La Mer as as far as Bassin Saint-Pierre Marina in Caen.

    So 10/10 to Phill Ball for checking.

    PS: Anyone aware of a response to Kieran Flatt's article last week?
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    Nothing new in that information. Has been reported many times in various places.

    If you are referring to the Keiran Flatt article on visiting France which contained some misleading information, I have been in correspondence with him and the RYA and he agrees it is misleading. Think he is still (with the RYA) investigating further and no doubt he will publish something in a future edition of YM.

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