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    Smile Design ratios for motoryacht?

    Hi. I would like to know what are the design ratios that are being used for motor yacht design. And also formulas for obtaning/determining the legnth, breadth, detp of motor yachts

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    It has become widespread practice in recent years
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    lulworth lines plan by radclyffe

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    Peter's answer is all too correct, but as I assume that you want a more factual response, I will have a stab at it. It would be useful to know what lies behind the question however;

    what is your starting point? (ie what do you already know?)

    why do you want the information? (if you are about to design a motor yacht, you will need much more info than you will get here.)

    You ask about "ratios" do you mean design FACTORS?

    Length will depend on desired use and accomodation.

    Breadth is typically close to length/3.

    Draft depends on hull form and intended displacement. A V-bottom boat will have greater required draft (all else being equal) than a flat bottom.

    After that, I would need to know more of the reasons as described above. Finally, my own area of experience is sailing dinghies, pulling boats and small motor boats. I merely quote above some rules common to all of these. You may also be better posting on the Motor Boat Forum.

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    i see because my thesis is a motoryacht. i'd like to remodel my yacht because i'm not satisfied of my CB it's 0.36 it came from my parent ship....

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    Basic dimensions for yacht design are such that:

    Rig Dimensions = I, J, P, E, etc.

    Boat Dimensions = LOA, LWL, B, Disp, etc.

    Size of Sails = LP, Area

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