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    Quote Originally Posted by mikef View Post
    I am amusing myself watching Italians park their boats which is an entertainment in itself
    LOL, yeah, and if you don't understand the language you're probably missing half of the fun!

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    Quick update. After a 6hr drive in a rental car to Portoroz Marina in Slovenia, I managed to get the replacement seals which were fitted by the yard to both shafts yesterday morning so what could have been a holiday ending problem ending up costing us just 2 days downtime. Having had a chance to examine the Deep Sea Seals in detail now, I'm still distinctly unimpressed by their design. Also in the box that the new seals came in, there is a sticker clearly stating that, in the event that the emergency clamp is activated, the shaft should not be rotated after doing so. It seems that we were extremely lucky to get back to our marina as we kept going on both engines at around 20kts for about 10nm
    I'm also distinctly unimpressed by Ferretti spares pricing. I ended up paying about the local Ferretti dealer 1850 + courier + VAT for both seals compared to about 920 + courier + VAT from the UK. I suppose Ferretti deserve a pat on the back for having the correct seals in stock whereas the UK dealer (Norris) did not. It seems that Ferretti dealers are contractually obliged to buy all their spares from Ferretti's spare parts division and are not permitted to buy direct from the supplier. Given the number of Ferretti Group boats floating around the Med, there's got to be an oppurtunity for an independent Ferretti parts supplier here!

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