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    I can't comment on the one black gelled boat being discussed here but my observations after a few years in the Med is that SS coloured hulls do seem to suffer chalking/fading disproportionately more than many other marques. I remember walking around a particular Majorca marina and seeing a number of relatively young Cam44's owned by a sea school/charter operation and being shocked how badly the blue hulls had faded

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    Default Lets cut out the ****

    Matt, if you want to know about gel coat and gel colours come to Mallorca where you will see boats of all types and Colours finishes.

    There are more Sunseekers than any other make and there must be a reason for this as the sun plays havoc with gel coats and especially dark colours.

    Sunseeker have tried to satisfy the demands of insistent customers and give the dark Colours demanded.

    Other manufactures have gone down the painted route.

    The best advice I have ever seen was that posted by Mapism. Great advice and good prose.

    My Mathattan 60 is now in it's third year in Mallorca and has been 'A' Glazed from new and still looks new.

    Indeed the Sunseeker agent who carries out our Guardineige (?) is still picking up business from other boat owners who say they want their boat to look like ours.

    Of course there are some older Sunseekers that look tired and some have chalky looking blue hulls. But all these are older boats that have lived in the Med sun and have not been looked after.

    No matter what all the pundits may say Fairline, Princess, Sealine.and all the other makes all look like a bag of poo if they are not given the attention required.

    The Sunseeker range is a great product but for some reason attracts antagonism amongst British boaters.

    The best indication of all round quality is the large numbers of Germans who choose Sunseeker over all other European makes.

    We will be in Mallorca at varying dates during Sept. Oct, and Nov. and if you wish you would be very welcome to come and see things first hand.

    I now await the certain flack I will be getting from all the Princes, Fairlane, Ferreti owners etc. not that there is anything wrong with those makes. Just a different idea of what a boat should be like.

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    Default Thanks for the useful insight...

    All, thank you for your responses – they have been both useful & insightful. DougH thanks for your invitation, presently I have no plans to be in Mallorca this year, but if that changes I will be sure to PM you and see whether your offer still stands! I have to say that I too am a fan of Sunseeker, however I’m fairly new to the boating world and therefore appreciate other people’s more experienced opinions.

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    There have been issues with other colours, black is well known, but blue and red can be susceptible. The real issue is the pigment used in the gel coat manufacturing processess and is an issue now being addressed.

    There is a solution which is nothing more than maintaining them properly, many compounds exist to prevent the conditions occuring in the first place, if they are used correctly and regularly there is no problem.
    I am old and wise because i was young and stupid.

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    Default Could it be the only boat in the USA

    Well for some time many have seen fading discolouration weathering and so forth, the standard response to which of course ranges from it's not been polished correctly, the polishing has damage the gel, the teak cleaner has an acidic base, don't use vinegar or anti cal when washing down to we don't see this in other countries its just isolated to your area perhaps its surface contamination such as Jet fuel. To find out some home truths talk too those that maintain vessels rather than warrant you could be suprised at the comments.

    The reality when built perhaps a certain type of gel coat applied was not as stable as others or indeed due to environmental requirements the chemical composition was not as previous gel coats.
    That said in prior years warranty was, I believe, provided that covered the application of colored gel coats, perhaps in more recent years this has now been changed, more specifically the warranty regarding painted/ gel coated superstructure being totally disclaimed.

    As with all things warranties should protect the customer however it would suggest that by perhaps removing or reducing terms of coverage the issue is far more of a problem than you would be led to believe.

    Perhaps the occurrence of blistering cracking and so forth could indicate a far deeper underlying concern that could raise its head.

    To repair..... do you spray it ...... its certainly makes it shiny but with differing expansion rates and the painter normally only warranting the applied product where do you stand if the substrate is the real issue.
    Do you cover with gel well at who's cost what a minefield......... best news buy a colored vessel just after its been made to shine reduce the value to cover a further respray before you trade out its gonna need it.

    Buy white if its there you don't see it, go black and you will wish its gone back.

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