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Thread: Stress Cracking

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    Default Stress Cracking

    Has any body suffered stress cracking in the past? If so we would like to hear about it in particular what you considered caused it and the extent of the repairs to get it sorted. This is
    for an article in MBY.

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    Stress cracking of what? Gelcoat (yes), hull, stringers, engine mounts, seats, anything else no.

    Helmsman yes.

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    Do you mean hairline cracks?

    In which case yes - PM me for chapter and verse, they are still not sorted out.

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    Agree with rafiki. You need to define what you mean by stress cracking. I've experienced cracking of the bonding between bulkheads and the hull of a Targa 48 which I used to own. Not a serious issue and relatively cheap to repair but not what you'd expect from a so called quality boat builder


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