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    Default Boat Show - Couple of Princess 98 pics

    We went to the boat show on saturday and I must say that unlike others on a different thread we had an TOP DAY OUT. Trampled over lots of boats and found everybody welcoming. Great to see so many fantastic British built boats - well done you British Boat Builders! Even managed to get onboard the new Princess 98 and what a piece of work it is. Thought you might like to see a few pics:

    Lounge (interiors all by Fendi, I guess all the soft furnishings on this boat cost as much as a house):

    Guest Cabin (I was obviously over-excited and/or had too many drinks and forgot to take a snap of the master cabin):


    Did you ever see such a sparkly clean engine room:


    oh and this little thing came floating by:

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    Nice pics, we were fortunate to have a guided tour of both the Princess 50 that was being used for the Platinum experience and the Princess 98, we are interested in purchasing one of them, yep you guessed it, it isn't the 98, that however was stunning, apparently the Fendi interior alone cost 150k but when the boat cost 7.6M then I don't suppose that makes that much difference.

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    Nice and largely traditional, which usually appeals to me, the shag pile carpet was however a step too far!

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    Nice photos, but you missed the snake skin doors on the cabinets opposite the sofas, which were very flash. I was surprised to see bottom of the range Miele appliances, but I suppose the owners don't spend much time in the galley.


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