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    Default Studland Bay summary

    The Studland thread has become so long that many people (myself included) find it impossible to keep track of it, so I have asked Natalie to 'unsticky' it, and archive it. It can still be accessed at: The 'sticky' thread re-starts here with a summary of the situation to date

    I have split it in to three posts to make it a bit clearer.


    Rio Conference on Biodiversity 1992 calls for participant nations to implement conservation of the Oceans

    European Legislation produces requirement for maritime states to set up Marine Conservation schemes. The main parts come from Brussels (SAC, SAP, etc under 'Natura 2000'

    2008 UK passes its own Marine and Coastal Access Act, (MCAA) with declared intent of UK becoming 'flagship state' for Marine Conservation. (Camerons 'greenest government ever'). This adds to European legislation and provides for a coherent network of Marine Conservation Zones in British waters. RYA has significant input in shaping this legislation.

    DEFRA implements the Act creating the Marine Management Organisation, and hands the JNCC and Natural England the responsibility for identifying and defining MCZs.

    Four organisations created to do the groundwork. Net Gain for the North East, Balanced Seas for the South East, Finding Sanctuary for the South West, and Irish Sea Conservation Zones for the Irish Sea. Scotland and Wales Assemblies to make their own arrangements.

    2008 - 2011
    The four regional groups form 'stakeholder' groups to represent the interests of all parties. These group work at regional and local level to establish location of proposed MCZs, identify species of interest, and gather all available info in support of the proposals.

    September 2011
    Regional Groups submitted their 'Final Reports' to DEFRA, detailing all areas they consider suitable for MCZ status, together with a mass of supporting evidence.

    Reports go to the statutory Conservation Organisations for comment and to prepare them to go before the Minister of Sate for Nature and Fisheries, Richard Benyon (Natural England, JNCC, Science Advisory panel etc). Regional Groups disband.

    This is where we are at now, October 2011.

    Around April - May next year the reports will go before the Minister for examination prior to the publication of a White Paper, and a 12 week Public Consultation period. The Minister and DEFRA have made it clear that not all recommended sites will be approved. John Benyon said in the House last week that he would be examining each area individually before approving it for Public Consultation.

    Autumn 2012 (on current timetables, but further delay very likely) the first MCZs will be approved. These will be those where there are no issues attached. DEFRA is 'committed to further public consultation' where there are issues or clashes of interest.
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