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    Quote Originally Posted by harstonwood View Post
    Looks like the council finally going to do some proper dredging, and freeze marina fees
    Dont think £150,000 spent on a bit more sand clearance is going to do much to rectify the problem in the main channel

    £50000 to be spent on removing 10 Piles which is going to continue to cost them £45,000 of lost income every year. Sounds like a really wise investment

    How much do you think they have spent in the last three years on totally ineffective maintenance dredging?

    I cant believe people are prepared to pay the same marina fees as Sutton Harbour Plymouth more money than sense.

    But you get 24 hour locked access there!

    have a look at this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by harstonwood View Post
    Bit like the swellies on springs!

    The Gimlet rocks sand mountain almost qualifies as a munro! ..........some welsh geezer will probably build a railway up it !!

    Junno, I was thinking of doing that!

    Quote Originally Posted by TSB240 View Post
    Dont think £150,000 spent on a bit more sand clearance is going to do much to rectify the problem
    No it won't

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    Thumbs up

    Quay Marinas have just announced they are purchasing their own Dredger to work at Conwy and Deganwy Quays Marinas with the vessel being available for hire to third parties.
    Good positive move IMO as silting up becoming a major problem at both Marinas.

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    Wonderful isn't it?

    You take a river with a strong tide so it carries a lot of silt & sand. Trap that silt filled water in an enclosed marina & the silt precipitates. So who would think that marinas would fill with silt?

    The best harbours have fresh water rivers running thro them to keep a channel clear thro the md & silt. Pity Marinas don't learn the lesson.
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    Default Council Bulletin or sheet?

    "Pwllheli is one of UK’s top sailing and water activity destinations and ensuring this reputation is maintained and enhanced is a top priority for Gwynedd Council.?

    As part of this commitment, Gwynedd Council has drawn-up a detailed action plan which includes a range of practical steps it aims to take which includes:

    - freezing Hafan Pwllheli mooring fees for 2012/13
    - introducing a financial incentive package, including early bookings discounts for the upcoming season
    - improving navigation within the channel by relocating moorings and further bed-leveling works as necessary
    - removal of stockpile near harbour entrance as part of beach replenishment works
    - marketing and promotion"

    Councillor Roy Owen, who leads on maritime matters for Gwynedd Council said:

    “We recognise that the current tough economic climate coupled with the unprecedented silting levels caused by natural processes in the local marine environment means that it has been a challenging time. However, the Council remains committed to working with our local partners to maintain and improve the facilities at Pwllheli.

    “As part of this work we have developed a detailed action plan which includes practical measures which can offer immediate improvements to be delivered in time for the 2012 season, as well as more long-term solutions which will help to ensure the facility’s future success for years to come. We are confident that delivering these important improvements will encourage current berth holders to continue to use the facilities at Pwllheli as their preferred sailing venue as well as attracting new business to the area.

    “Work is also progressing well on the flagship National Sailing Academy and Events Centre project in Pwllheli, with project architects recently being appointed. When it opens in 2013, we are confident that the £8.3 million facility will offer first-class sailing opportunities and training for local people as well as attracting thousands of extra visitors to the area every year.”

    The Hafan Pwllheli action plan will be discussed by the Council Board on 1 November 2011.

    Confirms what I was told 3 months ago

    Move 20 silted deep water moorings to shallow position for which there is already a plentiful supply.

    Get the Tonka Toys to move the sand mountain.(Why didnt they move it to the beach in the first place and avoid the double the handling cost?)

    Can anybody guess what bed levelling means?
    I dont believe its welsh for dredging.

    They are avoiding the Dredge word and are eying up the £ 8mill cap ex budget for the Academy. I can see them raiding this rather than use their revenue budget to do any dredging.

    Part of the sailing academy project is to provide 150 more marina berths.

    If they carry on mismanaging the Marina they will have nearly 1/3 of their total marina berth capacity empty.

    Good to see the commercially managed marinas in Conwy being proactive about maintenance dredging.
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    Bed levelling..............they have been using Meirion and Owi Lloyd-Jones (Abersoch moorings ) workboat ( Samson) with a massive metal plate on the back, to level the sand opposite partingtons. It has lowed the peaks by 18" in that area I understand and enabled the HM to move the buoys a wee bit

    My concern is the entrance..........its very tight, and during fast flowing streams at LW a bottle neck. Especially when some tit in a Kayak blunders down the middle of the (very narrow) channel!

    The pics show how far across the channel marker is probs in the pics (3hrs before LW)

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