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    Keep it simple, make templates for everything, practice first as Doug advises. Remember that most joinery handbooks are written by enthusiasts who are motivated to display skills you may not have, avoid fancy lippings or contrasting veneers, popular to display skill in a book but dated on a modern boat.
    A good workspace, a proper bench which supports your work firmly and that you can get around, sharp tools, particularly saws, planes and chisels, measure and mark everything twice. Loads and loads of patience, if you do not look forward to doing it better to take your templates to a workshop, though somewhere in nearly ever family there is a skilled joiner.

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    There are some surprisingly good videos on youtube, mainly American, showing how to markup joints, cut etc. Also how to sharpen and use different tools. Using a router etc etc. Just google 'youtube woodworking' for a taster.

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    Quite pricey but this is up there with boatowners mechanical as a must have onboard. Imho. Not all wood but a good chapter in there.


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