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    Quote Originally Posted by Zanziba View Post
    My marina has free electricity so I ermmmm... never turn the heat blower off day or night, onboard or otherwise...

    The heater has a button on the bottom which turns it off if it falls over, I make sure nothing can fall on it while I am away from the yacht.

    It's toasty warm.

    Free Lekky! Can we run some extension cables from your marina to my flat please?

    Quote Originally Posted by trevorr View Post
    Last Winter, (01 Nov to 31 Mar) bearing in mind how cold it got, 37ft yacht, 3.5KW Webasto the only source of heating, used 500lts of Diesel @ 80ppl.

    400 for that amount of time is golden!

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    Last year, free electricity so used a fan heater more or less all the time when it got cold. The previous year in Barcelona, we used the Eber. We used a total of about 150 litres at the then price of just over a 1 per litre. This year in Messi, we're running the Eber for about 2 hours a day so i reckon it's going to cost us about 20 - 30 per month if we can hold it down to that. Will post again in Jan/Feb time when we've had time to see how cold it get round here....

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    Our Dickinson Adriatic runs 24/7 and will cost around 800.00 for the whole winter. But for that we also get all of our cooking and all of our hot water.
    If it gets really cold (or we want to run around in our undies) we have a second Dickinson heater that we can use. Each stove / heater can put out 11kW. But normally run around the 4kW point.


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    Last winter, Uk and snowy decks for a wee while( extra insulation and character innit) used exactly one whole tankfull of diesel@36ft, Taylors dripfeed, so 185litres.. Taylors ran 24/7 when onboard.

    AND a thermostatically controlled ( set low) tiny oil-filled radiator up front, sometimes on as well, say 10month for 6 months.

    Interestingly ( well perhaps), that compared not v well to heating a south facing townhouse by up to date condensing boiler.

    BTW I ripped out an Eber installation when I bought this boat and in went the Taylors. Chalk and cheese in the 'feel' aboard. I quite dislike blown air and all the space robbing tubing and spares..but each to their own.
    Why argue with a nautical wall? I just read the graffiti these days.

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    Depending on what sort of winter we have (south coast UK) it'll be up to a maximum of about 150 for the winter (Oct-Mar inc.), that's for the 1.5kw electric rad and the electric blanket (uses very little), based on 60 hours max p/w with the radiator on which will cost between 5p & 10p/min depending how cold outside and how high heat setting is. The marina charges 12p per unit for leccy...

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    I switched from an ok sleeping bag to a Down quilt of higher Tog value.
    Saved a fortune in Eber running costs.

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    Eberspacher works out only just cheaper than electric here, so I try to use both at present. But typically winter hurts to about 400/mo average on a 52ft with 2x d5's.

    But then i do like to still think it's summer inside!

    (about 10p per kwh by eber with servicing costs, and 12.5p on elec!)

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    Has anyone used, or know how good / bad a Kerosun wc105 is? Also known as Kerosene.

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    No idea on cost but the Webasto keeps the boat like a sauna. guess about 20 quid a week.
    Best i saw was a barge with log burner....nice dry heat.

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    Default Red Vs. white for Ebers

    We are part-time liveaboards (Plymouth) spending 4/5 days a week on the boat. Having become extremely skilled at dismantling/cleaning my Eber (Hydronic D5), I decided to see what happened if I ran it on white, road diesel. I have to say, that it does indeed seem to run cleaner, at least I would have had to strip/clean/rebuild probably twice now if I'd stayed with red. However, it is a balance between the quite considerable extra cost of white compared with the hassle of doing the fix every few months! Still, it hasn't been too cold yet (that's tempting fate!), but if it does get cold we have a big drip-feed Refleks heater as well as the fall-back electric fan heater to use!

    Stay warm...

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