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    Definitely spoke too soon... Schnebby worked beautifully last night, turned the switch this morning, and nothing. I think it might be the fuse, but it is now Friday night, and I have spent too many Friday nights working on Schenbby, so it can wait until the morning!

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    we have a reflec heater drip fed with no rads heats a cw 34 no problem and it takes all the condensation out running 24/7 last winter it used about 12 per week at about 75 degrees

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    Just back from a long week working on the boat in Milford Haven, living in the motorhome. Heating and cooking is by a Gaslow refillable autogas cylinder. It was empty when we left home, filled up with about 15 litres costing 10 and heating is still running. Heating was on morning and evening every day. Insulation in the van seems to be excellent.
    Answers to some technical queries at

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