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    Quote Originally Posted by LordMacDonald View Post
    Cheers Sawdoc
    Notice your on the West Coast of Ireland, we are thinking of spending most of next year going round Ireland. May be see you around if you'll still be there.
    Not done much to the web site for a wee while, need to update it.
    well we have done a bit up and down the west coast so might have some ideas for you there including buying a boat on the clyde and bringing her as far as Galway. Might be worth noting that the Volvo Ocean race and the Round Rockall race will be featuring on the west coast sailing calander next summer - you might wish to join or avoid the festivities.

    Bit dissapointed no Waquiez boats referenced in the database link you included - I will have to get writing. Pretorian. Gladiateur, Centurion are all worthy examples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordMacDonald View Post
    Thanks for that, I have even posted in it, but forgot all about it.... rules. It loads into upper Memory at boot up and Loads High.

    It is a TSR (Terminate Stay Resident) program affecting you as you get older!
    regards David - DSW Marine Engineering

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    full time liveaboard, yep, moody 33 mk1.
    sailing around uk, done east coast, orkney, shetland, west coast north scotland, now in ireland

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    Good one! We also live on our Moody 33 1977 vintage. Been aboard 14 years, been across Atlantic twice, lived in Spain for a year, 2 years in Lanzarote and are currently in our third year of 3 sojurns in Gibraltar.


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