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    I just bought a stack of the Phillips MasterLED for the house (to meet building regs), in 240V GU10 guise. I agree they're better than older LED, but they're still no match for halogen in my opinion. The light is still too flat, and has an unpleasant pinky tinge, so I changed 'em all back once the inspector had gone.

    The other problem is that although they're dimmable, they dim by just going... err... dimmer. Halogen lights also go more yellow as they dim, which gives a nicer light, again in my opinion.

    Unless the 24V versions are a lot better, I wouldn't consider them on the boat yet

    I am surprised at your experience with the masterleds. What colour temperature were you using? I've seen dozens of pepsi challenges with these lamps and very convincing results.

    You are right that halogen colour temperature gets warmer as they are dimmed. There are a number of industry developments underway to mimic this but the solution won't be cheap in the near future.

    By the way the LEDs do not dim, they are pulsed quickly on and off and the dimmer you require them the longer the off pulse thus giving the effect of dimmer light. There are two methods to control this PWM and PAM (pulse width modulation and pulse amplitude modulation) PWM IP is completely owned by Philips for the LED market.

    You can retrofit LED light engines rather than retro fit lamps. This will give a better result but will be an engineering challenge depending upon the fixture.
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