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    Default What are these gadgets?

    Just curious really...
    I see quite often on certain "big match races" (rolex cup, american cup etc) people (tacticians?) holding some "ipad" style computers (well a bit thicker in fact) and checking things. What are these things? Certainly not "simple" gps.

    Similarly in the volvo ocean or other around the globe races they have computers on board and check wheather plus I am sure lots of other things too. Again, what do they use? What software?

    OK, now back to real world...
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    Try Googling "Tacktick T113 Multifunctional Wireless Remote Display"

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    Quote Originally Posted by awol View Post
    Try Googling "Tacktick T113 Multifunctional Wireless Remote Display"
    That doesn't really look like a thicker iPad though. Also, I'd expect an America's Cup tactician to be working with something a bit more sophisticated than just a remote readout of the instruments.

    It's probably a generic tablet PC from any of various manufacturers. Couldn't tell you what software they might use. On America's Cup it's probably at least partly custom-written.


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    What PRV said, plus you might seem'em using Yours for a meagre $150,000 a pop.
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