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    Default Re: Volvo d4 225 or Volvo penta 230hp

    I can only look at this from my own experience and that is there is only one D engine in the Welsh Mob, the rest are KADs. KAD owners go out and explore the waters every weekend while the D owner sits and polishes his Marina Queen every weekend and has to be dragged out under duress. We can only assume D engines must be fragile.
    So, what type of boater are you? The choice is simple.

    KADs vs D in moving pictures......

    after running a few donuts about the D this is the owners response

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    Default Re: Volvo d4 225 or Volvo penta 230hp

    Quote Originally Posted by volvopaul View Post
    No the DPSX is a totally different drive to the DPH and DPE , itís an old sort of copy of the old OMC set up.
    Drive shaft sits supported in a gimball bearing which is a service item , they donít allow water in at the same rate as the other two, is limited in its capabilities of taking high hp thatís why itís mated to the D3 and the kad 32.
    As with any purchase if your not sure what your looking at employ someone who does.

    Btw this is an old post you have resurrected, my price quotes in a previous post are null and void .
    So the DPS is plagued by fewer problems and cheaper to maintain than both the DPE/DPG and the DPH?

    Have the DPH problems been solved by the updated parts sold by VP?

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