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Thread: Water in Bilges

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    My centaur has a number of leaks i have been trying to eliminate. Yes the bilges are all linked or mine are there is a small hole in the front corner nearest the engine, poor a cup of water in if they arnt blocked it will soon disappear . I,ve found the following so far.
    Slow leak from the water pump on the engine.
    The teak foot treads by the hatch are rivited through, they are well known for leaking, it drips on the engine..
    The winches bolted through again another slow leak. Drips on the cushions.
    The hatch depends on the direction of the rain and window seals. Also i had a number of holes from poorly fitted instruments, tiller pilot etc . Good luck i still haven't found all of them..

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    Quote Originally Posted by duncankellett View Post

    Thanks for the reply. It is definitely salt water, I have tasted it today after reading some of the replies. Only a couple of inches and I have sponged it all out and will check again tomorrow. We have recently moved it to a new mooring - wonder if it could be sitting at a slightly different angle when drying out each tide.

    Thanks again.
    Next time you wipe it out spread some talcum powder around and it will indicate the point of entry.

    Good luck and fair winds.
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    Had a problem on my previous Westerly boat, after having the keels reseated, which seemed to indicate that there was still a problem. Turned out that the water that was appearing in the keel fixings was in fact moving from under the cockpit sole when the boat settled at an angle. Panic Over.

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    Default water in bilges

    i got a westerly pageant which iv`e noticed water on top of bilges tastes of salt but as its kept on mooring which drys i`m almost certain its from keel bolts so i`m going to lift her out and see what damage is i also know some of water comes from window but dosn`t account for both sides will keep you posted on what happens

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