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    Default Making Beneteau / Jeanneau Twin Rudder Boots

    I asked for any info on making these boots, which are common to several models and which cost 80 +vat + postage. I'm sure there was a thread on the subject some time ago, but Google was fruitless and there were no replies to recent thread.

    So I bit the bullet and bought one, but before fitting it I took off a plaster of paris mould. The core for the rudder tip was moulded from body filler.

    I bought 2kg of Polytek Poly PT Flex70 liquid casting rubber from

    And today I cast my first boot! Similar texture and hardness to the original, and 2kg provides two boots at a cost of 55 inc vat.

    I will be happy to give more details if anyone's interested

    I've not uploaded pictures before, but here goes
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    A long way from my boat! :(


    Be careful about passing on any mouldings to anyone. you could get done for copyright infringement!

    Of course if the mould shape was modified slightly ......... perhaps to optimise tip boundary layer laminar flow or some such

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoshak View Post

    I will be happy to give more details if anyone's interested
    I have sent you a PM as I also need to replace one!


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