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    To say that commercialisation of the harbours has been agreed in principle may be overstating it.

    What has really been agreed is that there should be further investigation with a budget of 50,000.

    This is a controversial issue, and I am sure that if the investigation is unduly loaded towards commercialisation it will be torn to shreds.

    Yotties should note that the major issues are to do with the commercial ports rather than the marinas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sailorman View Post
    Still, Dielette has the best moules frites, Granville a very nice little leather shop, and fishermans co-op, Portbail and Treguier both have brill markets

    that would be our preferred course
    You eat leather for breakfast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurrawong_Kid View Post
    You eat leather for breakfast?
    Never chewed biltong???
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