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    Quote Originally Posted by KYarham View Post
    We are planning on taking part in this event for the first time this year.
    How did you get on? Another year watching from the sidelines for me this time...

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    Sunshine! I dinnae understand the weather other than it is downright contrary in the way it refuses to conform to the forecasts. Sunshine on the SIPR - it's unheard of.
    Marisca got 2nd in Class 3, pipped at the post by Lammergeyer, an Impala fitted with oars that rowed past as we were becalmed 1.6nm from Troon. The crew tried awfy hard to paddle but 2 dinghy oars vs 5 tons of boat wasn't up to it.
    Great weekend, our runners were awesome and won the "Molls of the Mull" as well as feeding the sailors countless mugs of tea.
    First time I've made it through the Sound of Luing on a contrary tide - 7kt spinnaker run in darkness with a SOG of 0.1kts, ferry gliding across to the shore to find the eddies. Mok was also agin the tide in darkness, short tacking in until the nerve failed usually at about 20m depth and what looked like 10m off the cliff. 7 hours becalmed in the Sound of Jura in sunshine and if only the breeze had held for another 15 minutes at the end ........

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    Sounds 'classic'.....

    A great race, and great company. 'Tis pity I have neither the boat, the legs nor the stomach for that anymore - but I do have one of the special printed SIPR sweaters.

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