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    Default Worst port in the world today?

    I would like to nominate the 'Boca Grande' transfer vessel in the Serpents Mouth between Trinidad and Venezuela.

    Two cape size bulkies (us and them) tied up to each other. No tugs, a constant F5 wind and decent swell. We used every mooring line onboard and were the first Souter's ship not to part any lines when we were there. The Boca Grande doesn't ballast as she gets light... makes life interesting!

    Also, any tanker lightering, especially if you are onboard the mother vessel, we get no time ashore!

    Although I have heard a few stories about a certain bulk port in West Africa which cannot be named for fear of sending former visitors into a deep traumatic shock, oh ok then... Nouadhibou. There ;0)


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    Default Re: Worst port in the world today?

    Palermo - Raw sewage pit marina.

    Using sw flush in the bog actually pumped more crap in!!

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    Default Re: Worst port in the world today?

    and the container terminal in Barcelona had the same sort of sewage outlet, right alongside the engine room inlets. That was a few years ago, so they may have cleaned up their act with the Olympics. We also has SW flushing.

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    Default Murmansk

    See <A target="_blank" HREF=>here</A>

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    Default Re: Worst port in the world today?

    cochin got to be

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    Default Re: Worst port in the world today?

    Got to agree about West Africa, Just came back from Nouckchott in Mauritania, basically a pier on the edge of the Sahara...loads of sand everywhere, flying insects big enough to be saddled and.....oh yeah sand everywhere!!!, worst of all, being a Muslim country, alchohol is prohibited!!!!!!!......

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    Default Re: Murmansk

    You win. West African levels of port corruption, lack of amenities and meaningless hassle, plus Artic climate and nuclear radiation.

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