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    Absolutely, FWIW, I have just bought replacement winches for SR (she is aged 39) not because they are worn out (far from it!), but simply because design has moved on. With a bit of weight in the sail it takes 2 people to winch in the sheet, one on the handle (which only moves 90deg at a time) and one to pull on the tail to keep the grip on the barrel.

    The new winches (which were almost 1/2 price & still cost me a month's pension) are 2 speed self tailing using a top handle that rotates 360deg. I am hoping that they will make it possible to singlehand more easily. Currently, if I don't time it right & get the sheet in before the sail is pulling it takes so long to get it in that the steering needs attention. I expect the new ones to last at least another 30 years, by which time I won't give a damn anyway.
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    Hi your not listening, told you on scuttlebut, Salar 40 with open wheelhouse, sails well not a motorsailer, 2 for sale on yacht world.

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    I've followed this thread and the Scuttlebutt one with interest. As I suggested earlier the shortage of choice on the SH market reflects the dilemma faced by new boat buyers over the years where the premium to add the sort of features that makes a boat good as both a mobo and sailer is excessive - not just in price, but in the compromises you have to accept (some of which can be reduced by spending more money).

    The basic problem is that a hull designed for sailing efficiently is not good under power once it gets near displacement speed and no matter how much power you put in will never be comfortable. So modifying the hull to be better under power (such as the Fisher type hulls) usually has a negative effect on sailing ability. There are some designs which achieve a good compromise such as the Nauticat 42, but you pay (literally) a huge premium.

    In terms of arriving at a compromise that gives good sailing performance, reasonable motoring and good accommodation, the centre cockpit cruisers of the 80's take a lot of beating. The only thing most lack is a wheelhouse, but a good windshield and sprayhood can give good shelter while the autopilot does the work in poor conditions. Moody 34s and 37/376 plus the various mid 30's Westerlys are all now in the budget, and well worth a look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitty View Post
    Hi your not listening, told you on scuttlebut, Salar 40 with open wheelhouse, sails well not a motorsailer, 2 for sale on yacht world.
    Just because i've not rushed out and bought something you've suggested, does not mean i'm not lisening. One of the boats you refer to is a 1965 wooden hull at 53k and the other is a 1971 in Spain at 49k.

    I appreciate your taking the time to make the suggestion, but on the subject of "not listening", the brief did state :

    Our requirements are :

    Able to helm from inside or out.
    Pilothouse/wheelhouse design to avoid the "cave" as much as possible.


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