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    on the boat


    You have seen the barge so you know how small the windows are, we use a DAB radio with no external aerial just the whip on the top and get satisfactory reception most places we travel.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavi View Post
    Got you

    Being extreme, I am refering to something like this:

    Or this:

    It would be for use between London and the upper wild bits of The Thames (Reading etc). Most of the time we travel in silence, but I do like to listen to sport sometimes and SWMBO The Archers. She would benefit from plays when moored... me Planet Rock (not too loud of course).

    I am starting to worry if I am overcomplicating things and should just buy a good FM head unit with a quality iPod interface as we could stream plays via that anyway...
    Getting a bit clearer now.
    The Philex type is what I had in mind. The horrible glass mount aerial at twice the price could even be worse....

    I had a look at Halfords (they used to be quite a good source for car radios, but I'm out of date) and there's a Phirrips head unit in the list which is FM and DAB, so there are some around and you've not burnt your boats.

    here and they also do an external aerial for a similar price to Amazon. It's just an example not a recommendation, you understand.
    Being a bit of a meany I don't have much truck with spending loads of money on a high end head units with Dolby 5.1 and gigawatts of sub woofer. Probably more appropriate not to have such a rig in a boat as there's less room than in a car (where everything goes into what used to be the boot space) for all the kit.

    One nice feature to have (apart from your other specifics) is two sets of speaker outputs - one near the driving position and one down below to satisfy motoring or moored needs.

    If we need to do some serious music listening then I have a small home cinema setup connected to the satellite receiver....

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    Speak to Charles at Moonraker, they do loads of aerials.

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    Default DAB aerials: The conclusion

    Well, there isn't one really.

    I found a really nice unit online for a low price that had DAB (funny how predictive text changes that to BAD!) and FM for a sensible price:

    Importantly, the inputs are to the left of the unit as that matters to location of the unit in the boat.

    Still no-one has really explained the way to do a DAB aerial in a boat better than having one in a barge with a normal aerial - which is something I have noted.

    So I took SWMBO to the pub to discuss this conundrum. She said:

    We have one of these (two actually):

    And a small boat. Just buy a lead and hook up the iPod to it, she said. And this fits with the barge solution. Though I wanted less clutter... And here was me trying to find a tidy solution.

    So, I'm off to play with my Johnson and get Amy J working.

    Thanks for the advice!
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