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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewbarker View Post
    FWIW -
    Shell do use separate tanks for storage at Avonmouth - they don't use the same tanks as supermarket fuels.

    In my experience supermarket diesel drives OK, but it will knacker your EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve by about 100K miles, whereas Vpower (or BP ultimate) will keep it nice & clean indefinitely. Vpower gives me +4.2 mpg.

    And yes, I've used acetone in Ford Dover engines (3.5% mpg gain), but a *** to source & store the acetone (it works by weakening the molecular & cellular structure of the diesel so it burns better)

    And the best diesel fuel additive for power/smoothness/no smoke/lubricating pumps/economy etc is Millers PowerPlus.

    But if anyone thinks that no additives make any difference - that's absolutely fine by me. I wasn't bothered much myself until fuel costs went through the roof.
    IMHO, petrol composition is more critical to engines than diesel fuel. Yes, diesel additives will have an affect on a diesel engine such as more miles to the gallon, better lubrication etc; however, these are insignificant and virtually go unnoticed as other parameters have much greater impact ie engine service, oil change, air intake , operating regime, etc.

    As a matter of interest, we have 3 Mercedes E class diesel cars; my older one is 10 years old and has done 345,000 miles, never had issues with the engine (the other two are catching up quickly) and so far it has had all kind of diesels fuels, good and bad; but the engine has been regularly maintained.

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    I fill up with the extra zoom diesel in 1 in 4 fills to help keep the system clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ffiill View Post
    Guess most people dont know as they drive along the "Bonny Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond "there is a big enough Nuclear Arsenal in Glen Douglas probably to knock the earth out of orbit-thats everything naval ever produced from Polaris warheads through to Trident.
    One of the few places in the UK that is defended like something in a James Bond movie!
    The railway to Fort William passes the entrance to Glen Douglas just before it reaches Arrochar on Loch Long.
    Anyway why worry about car engines and diesel-those beasties-Trident subs were forever breaking down and having to be tugged back up to Faslane after drifting around aimlessly near Little Cumbrae!
    Used to be a days entertainment watching them from our kitchen window on Canada Hill, Bute.
    Finally a funny story compliments of Strathclyde University-their Naval Architecture dept et al received an officially anonomous request to design a door capable of withstanding a 40 foot Tsunami as well as amazing pressures and heat!-thats right you drive over the top of Trident subs if you take the road from Loch Lomond to Faslane-built origionally by the MOD as a private route to Faslane.
    I am told there are other Sub Pens here and there but they are not exactly advertised.
    Someones been pulling your plonker. For a start no trident or before that polaris missiles in Glen Douglas, they are somewhere else nearby. The other road you talk about was to service a laboratory run by what used to be Admiralty Research Laboratories, and as an ex submariner based at Faslane there are no undergound pens so do not see how you could have driven over a Trident boat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nostrodamus View Post
    Not bad really. 57 replies and I am still none the wiser when it comes to my original question.
    Having said that I have enjoyed reading the replies and have learnt quiet a bit about other things.
    I still doubt that fuel manufactures spent millions on research to help older engines. You could say the same with oil manufactures. They spent millions developing super oils and synthetics that last and last but put them in an older boat engine and it can destroy them pretty quickly. In engines like mine the older natural oils work.
    What is going to happen to older engines with the new low sulphur fuel. I guess we are going to find out pretty soon now the new season is nearly here.
    Once again, thank you for all your replies.
    I agree you have tried patiently to get an answer on many occasions here I believe the consensus of opinion is if you want to add 2 stroke to the diesel go ahead it will do no damage but will make your pocket lighter although not many people are doing this preferring to burn off what ever comes out of the nozzle. Secondly Peugeot cars are very reliable except for the odd one or two that can be temperamental.

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    I knew a local back street garage near to where I worked who always had Peugeot cars in. When I asked him about it he told me the main dealer brings them across to be serviced and then charges huge prices just so they have a Peugeot stamp in the book.

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    The following is a link to a diesel specialists test on the effects of various additives to low sulphur diesel.

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    Talking So now what?

    Still no conclusion out there. What's best for your engine is to run it often and hard :-). Does more good than adding snake oils, magnets or anything else.
    We used to add gasoline in my army days (but only below -20 C :-) ).
    Since engines at certain age start using some of their own oil, I cant see why adding a bit of oil to the fuel could hurt. Whether it helps the pump of the injectors .......I don't know. I would not add anything, to be on the save side. Unless its a 2 stroke diesel engine :-))))

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    If a motor is already buring oil giving it extra oil in the fuel will hasten carbon depositing and ring-gumming etc.
    Or am I wrong?

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    Reminds me of a very old joke...

    Two old-time, country farmers met in town one day. In the course of their conversation, Jake said to Zeek, "My mule is sick and I don't know what to do." Zeek replied, "When my mule got sick, I made him drink turpentine. The conversation turned to other things and the two soon parted company.

    About two weeks later, they again saw each other in town. Jake stormed up to Zeek and in an angry voice, said, "You son of a bitch! I done to my mule just like you did to yours. I fed him turpentine and it killed him dead in two hours. What have you got to say to that?"

    Zeek looked at Jake and casually replied, "Yup... It killed mine, too."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakesailor View Post
    If a motor is already buring oil giving it extra oil in the fuel will hasten carbon depositing and ring-gumming etc.
    Or am I wrong?
    Two-stroke oils have a lower ash content than diesel fuel and are designed to fully burn in the combustion chamber.

    I can't answer the OP but 4WD forums are full of threads on the subject. Most people seem to report good results but of course most are highly subjective.
    Answers to some technical queries at

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