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    Default Dear dear dear

    Quote Originally Posted by Robin View Post
    Which did you fill up with this time, cheap or dear?
    Dear, fool and his money come to mind.

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    'ang on a mo, I'll just take some bearings


    Quote Originally Posted by Jcorstorphine View Post
    Oh for a simple Perkins or BMC or Ford FSD or better still, a Kelvin
    Go much further back and you'll be hankering after a single cylinder Bollinder!

    And to disagree at every level with Grumpy Old Git, I reckon the modern diesel is pretty miraculous. Powerful, responsive, economic. 50mpg from a 170hp engine is damn fine in my eyes, especially combined with 20K miles service intervals.
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    Next time, it'll all be different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcorstorphine View Post
    Dear, fool and his money come to mind.
    The dealer won't have an excuse then at least!
    Sermons from my pulpit are with tongue firmly in cheek and without any warranty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcorstorphine View Post
    This is slightly "off" topic but diesel related

    I would tend to agree with the above comment regarding fuel companies as I am having a great deal of problems with my Peugeot 2.0 Hdi which has only covered 40,000 miles and still under 3 years old. The engine is stalling when the car is brought to a standstill and the engine cuts out for a split second when accelerating through the gears. It also hesitates momentarily when the cruise control setting is raised by 5 MPH. All of these are intermittent faults.

    Why mention fuel companies, well I have been advised by the Peugeot main dealers not to use Sainsbury diesel or any other supermarket brand.
    The only time I ever had diesel bug was compliments of a garage forcourt!
    The 2 litre Hdi is quirky-I ran a Citroen Berlingo with one from new.
    Up to about 60,000 it was OK then it needed a new high pressure pump(or so I was told)£1200 including fitting
    Then at just gone 100,000 started misfiring-£300 for a new injector-continued to misfire-told I needed another pump-pulled off control leads in disgust and replaced-problem solved-cleaned all contacts and started getting better economy/performance.
    Slowly however engine gor worse and worse to start-wrote car off at 150,000 before resolving this.Yet it passed its MOT emission tests with flying colours.
    During its warranty period when I complained that fuel filter had not been changed I was told it wasnt needed because British Fuel was cleaner than its French counterpart.
    Of yes this was Arnold Clark!!

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    So, going back to the original question again.
    Nobody so far seems to have had problems adding oil.
    4x4 users do it a lot.
    Low sulphur fuel is relatively new and no one knows what long term effect it will have on the engine but it may be liable to cause problems as the new diesel does not seem to lubricate various parts of older engines.
    Those who have added it report quieter engines, better starting and less smoke.
    2 stroke oil has a lower ash content and burns better.
    Pergeouts are a PITA

    Is this a fair assessment?
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    How about YM doing a test?

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    wouldn't that be nice... strikes me the whole IPC yotting & motor boat mag division would benefit (and could all contribute to the cost...?)

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    On the Clyde with a good view of where Kip chimney used to be


    Quote Originally Posted by maxi77 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ffiill View Post
    Guess most people dont know as they drive along the "Bonny Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond "there is a big enough Nuclear Arsenal in Glen Douglas probably to knock the earth out of orbit-thats everything naval ever produced from Polaris warheads through to Trident.
    One of the few places in the UK that is defended like something in a James Bond movie!
    The railway to Fort William passes the entrance to Glen Douglas just before it reaches Arrochar on Loch Long.
    Anyway why worry about car engines and diesel-those beasties-Trident subs were forever breaking down and having to be tugged back up to Faslane after drifting around aimlessly near Little Cumbrae!
    Used to be a days entertainment watching them from our kitchen window on Canada Hill, Bute.
    Finally a funny story compliments of Strathclyde University-their Naval Architecture dept et al received an officially anonomous request to design a door capable of withstanding a 40 foot Tsunami as well as amazing pressures and heat!-thats right you drive over the top of Trident subs if you take the road from Loch Lomond to Faslane-built origionally by the MOD as a private route to Faslane.
    I am told there are other Sub Pens here and there but they are not exactly advertised.
    Someones been pulling your plonker. For a start no trident or before that polaris missiles in Glen Douglas, they are somewhere else nearby. The other road you talk about was to service a laboratory run by what used to be Admiralty Research Laboratories, and as an ex submariner based at Faslane there are no undergound pens so do not see how you could have driven over a Trident boat
    A very sober answer to a post possibly written under the influence!

    As eni fule kno, the buckets of instant sunshine are kept by the trolls that live in the dungeon at Coulport, just down the loch. Glen Douglas might have stored NDBs during the cold war, but I doubt it as it's not set up for dealing with fission weapons; in any case both the NDBs and the RAF's freefall bombs were withdrawn after the Russians became our new best friends again. As for submarine pens with impenetrable blast doors, Jimmy Bond and broken down V-boats(submarines are routinely escorted by tugs even if they are entirely not broken down; a cynic might believe it's because the bubbleheads can't be trusted to keep the sleek black bringers of death off the putty!); can I have some of what you're smoking?
    Grünkraft? - nein danke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Javelin View Post
    The fact that both meet the current regs really makes no odds.
    A Fiat Panda and a Range Rover both pass crash tests but I know which I'd rather be in.
    Certainly I wish I had a FIAT Diesel engine in my boat. 100,000 miles+ on the first, and 80,000 miles to date on my second Punto 1.3 Multijet and I never had to spend a penny beyond the standard service.
    That FIAT engine also is reported to run fine with up to 20% rape seed oil. I tried with 10% but it is no longer economically viable, because the price of the cheapest oil is very near to that of Diesel.

    100,000 miles is equivalent to 3,300 hours at a 30mph average. And BTW the road tax is £30!
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    What an interesting thread.
    I'm left with the impression that I will tip the excess outboard fuel into the 4108's tank, and let it work over the winter months.
    I will take my 206 on a special outing to the posh petrol station every few fills. (I miss my 205 with the REAL mechanical engine)
    I will not fret about glowing trolls in Glen Douglas as I fitted the multi-beam 'scopes in the torpedo testing tank in the '60s and I guess that's still what's there.
    Excellent try by the Welsh on telly just now, wasn't it?
    Motorsailers - a must for West Coast geriatrics.

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