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    Default graphite anti fouling

    I've been reading something on a french forum about using graphite/epoxy as anti fouling.
    I've done a search on this forum but could not find anything obvious. Has the subject been discussed and if yes can you give me a bit of help to get back to it ?
    I am interrested in the idea because it is basically not an anti fouling but simply an aid to scrubbing (which I don't mind doing while anchored out).
    I would like to read about any other idea going in this direction, more elbow grease for less polution.

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    It had a brief period of popularity about 20 years ago. Guess copper loaded epoxy such as coppercoat has captured that market now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maurice55 View Post
    it is basically not an anti fouling but simply an aid to scrubbing ...
    Blimey, that takes me back: Helmsman Graphspeed.

    I think it does have some anti-fouling properties (LATER: see link above) but it was mainly used because it was slippery, and made your boat go faster. My mate used it, I still beat him
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