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    Is this really still going on after 90 posts ?

    The red diesel threads are starting to look less boring lol
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    Write drunk. Edit sober.

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    Default OP Response.....

    Thanks for all(!!!) your responses.

    I have done as most have suggested and reconciled myself to the situation. Disappointed, but I have accepted it for what it is.

    For the record, it was never my intention to seek restitution, compensation or revenge, merely to ascertain whether or not the owner was entitled to act as he did (or his wife made him, as I prefer to think of it).

    Somebody asked what the boat was. For what it's worth it was a Sadler 34. Perhaps that explains why I was keen to see if the position could be reversed - there aren't that many out there to choose from.

    Thanks again.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TQA View Post
    For example the buyer could show that they bought a similar yacht at a higher price and that it was the best deal they could get. They would then win the difference.
    Exactly. When I was in the brokering business, this happened but was eventually settled out of court. Situation was pretty much the same as the OP; verbal offer made and accepted on a Sunday. On the Monday, the vendor withdrew.

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