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    Summary was, we need visitng yachtsmen life is not easy, why would we drive visitors away??
    Just the Belgies then ...

    ok - I know it's a serious issue that needs resolving - but the seeming lack of fines does make me wonder if there are other reasons behind a UK flagged vessel being fined - grumpy officer, grumpy/lessthancooperative skipper .. ?

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    So DAKA you fill your tanks before leaving uk waters,you sign a confession that states if you go EU you are using illegal fuel,you enter Cherbourg under power,so what if you put a few ltrs of local stuff in,you still have red in your tanks & you have signed a confession!.WE are banged to rights & if you think the French won't love this !think again.I don't like scaremongering but no one seems to have the answer.the French won't stop me they will just fine me for being illegal.i hope i am wrong ,regards mm1

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