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Thread: orion prophecy

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlowingOldBoots View Post
    Don't worry this guy has an answer: -

    Some stuff here which alternates between the fruit cake and perhaps some facts.
    " and by method of procreation, reestablish the human race."

    Priceless; is there another way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SolentBoat View Post
    Will I need to do a new deviation card for my compass, then?
    If the poles swopped you'd need a Southern Hemisphere compass.

    Will the Poles swop? One day maybe. Do I believe in this premise or Nbiru? Not at all.

    I do know a bit about compasses though.

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    Default Mayan Calender

    The Mayan Calender is epicyclic . Come December this Year it just reverts to the Year One . It would be nice if the Spanish had not burnt the codecs. Then , Possibly , We would know what happened in their year one .
    Work to live not live to work

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