Tim, predictably, your post is very defensive and some of the comments come across as argumentative and patronising. It's rare to win an argument taking such a stance.

Like you, I am a staunch supporter of the RYA and the work it does to uphold and support the broadest interests of my leisure activity.

Notwithstanding, the OP referred to the magazine. Turning the pages of the latest edition leads me to the objective opinion that it's brimming with all manner of advertising and the content doesn't appear to demographically represent its membership. Given that there are only 4 publications per year, it's a little light on content, imho.

You make reference in your post of "ambitions of learning more". I'm a shorebased instructor and didn't see much evidence of the magazine inspiring me to learn more. I don't read this thread as anti-RYA. It contains some worthy feedback from many experienced sailors.