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    Cool Nasa speed and distance log

    Have been down to boat today what a corker of a day!

    My problem is with my speed and distance log instrument, it powers up ok but does not register any speed.

    I have taken the paddle wheel sensor out and it is not covered with muck or weed have tried spinning it up but still it does not register. Is it u/s or does it just need re calibrating.

    It worked ok when i first bought the boat.

    Thanks all.

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    Why dont you ring the manufacturers and ask them. PS I had one of these and I bought a spare paddle wheel, I would buy one and swap it and see if there is an improvement

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    Spinning should show some sort of reading, at least at low rpm. The instrument is not designed for speed over a certain limit so a rapid spin of the paddle may make the instrument incapable of reading the pulse.

    You can get a complete unit or just the paddlewheel

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    I have Nasa Target log and depth gauges. There has been a couple of times when the log hasn't registered, but knocking the crud off has done the trick.

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    If it has been left a while try removing the RF plug from the back of the instrument and ensure it is not corroded, clean and refit also.... I recently thought mine was goosed and then found it was set on trip! Once set to speed all was good in the world of smeaks!


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