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Thread: New sails

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    Default New sails

    I am treating my boat a Moody 31 to new sails this year, this is a big investment for me so i want to get it right.
    So i have made a short list of the following three-
    Goacher sails (in my local area)
    Does anyone have any opinions on these three or other suggestions.

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    Default new sails

    I have had full suits of sails for 2 different boats over the last 13 years. I have always had great personal service and top quality sails from Arun sails in Bosham on Chichester harbour. Several years later, after regular and hard usage in the Bristol channel they remain good. Good value too.
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    Crusader made us a very nice set for Rampage last year. Excellent price, good service and a year on we're very happy with them. Only problem we had was slightly late delivery but they willingly paid the freight out to Corfu for them, so no problem.

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    I bought new Crusader sails for my Moody 31 last year. An excellent company to deal with and very good prices. They will give you 5% discount for credit card with order - sails arrived before the card was payable

    I got a genoa with a padded luff and a fully battened main with a new stackpack. Very pleased with them. For an FB main you need to change the gate in the mast (which they will supply). I wouldn't hestitate to use them again.
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    its worth checking out for a price.
    When i bought my boat these were the new sails on it purchased by the previous owner which i lost in a dismasting. i failed to find anything wrong with these and they are mostly a fraction of the price we pay for sails this side of the world.
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    When I changed the vertical roller reefing main on my conway I initially bought a secondhand main but then came across a stock sail at Fareastsails. I think delivered it was about 600. I am pleased to have a new sail and supposidly built to their highest spec. I have to say that compared to "UK" sails it does not seem as refined. I also asked for a quote for a genoa and this worked out about 800 delivered, but again the pictures they sent showed a basic sail made from 6.18oz Challenge Performance Sailcloth but simply hank on. I did ask for the cost of a reef to be added but no detail of this showed up. When doing my research I seem to remember comparing what I asked for with the description a sailmaker would submit and mine was basic.

    So for what it is worth my approach would be if you can afford a sailmaker to specifiy your sails go for it, if you need to mind the boating pennies seek alternatives.

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    I had new Mainsail, Genny and spinny Made for a First class 8 by Steve Goacher . Nothing but Praise for the sails and service. They were racing sails, and as I hadnt been into the technology of material before, he talked me through it all. Sails delivered on time , and all the extras like Sail bags , battens, strenghening patches etc were great too. His racing background means he knows how to cut and shape sails. Were they expensive ?, - slightly more than the average of other quotes I got, but the personal service was what sold it for me.

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    There' a list of sailmakers as long as your arm. Which to choose for a shortlist?

    Start with:

    a) Ones near you who can visit the boat to measure - and afterwards to help fit and adjust the sails, show you how to get the most out of them, and subsequently perform repairs should they be necessary.

    b) Which of those has a good reputation for the sorts of sails you require? Virtually all lofts will claim to be able to produce perfect sails for any sort of sailing, but that's marketing. Some are better at performance sails, some at coastal cruising, some at bullet proof bluewater.

    You should then be down to a shortlist of two or three. Talk to them. Ask for prices. Which of them do you get on with best?

    Go for it.
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    I've got a set of carbon sails made by Goacher in Windermere which do the job and are well made. He knows his stuff, has a well equipped loft, and is local to you so you can wander over and have a look around.
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    I had new sails for my M31 3 seasons ago.I got 4 quotes and decided to go with Hyde.I have a fully battened cross cut main and a triradial laminate genoa.I had the genoa at 130% and can carry full sail longer without reefing and tacking is easier.I endorse what others have said.Make sure that the boat is measured as the sailmaker said that older Moodys and Westerlys although nominally the same size the masts can differ as spars were bought in batches to suit production.The array of cloths and goodies make it quite difficult to compare quotes as sailmakers will promote the materials that they use.However if you are not too constrained by budget go with the best you can get.My laminate genny sets perfectly and has transformed the upwind performance of my boat compared to the old baggy genny.I also have a feathering prop as I like sailing well.I do not race any more (except when there is another boat in sight) !!!

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