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    Default Mark Chisnell - Fulcrum files

    If you liked Riddle of The Sands, any Sam Llewellyn novels etc, then try this.

    It just came out in Feb.

    I bought it for less than £3 on Amazon Kindle.

    Set pre-WWII, some sailing, some mystery, some spying, bit like Riddle of The Sands (and the author mentions the book a few times in his own story).

    Not as good as Riddle of The Sands, but towards the end I couldn't put it down.

    Mark's novel (Wrecker, I think) was great too.

    I am now moving onto his non-fiction sailing stuff.

    He writes well; entices the reader and holds their attention.

    I hope he writes more because I have read all of Sam's stuff I think.

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    Just started it as it happens - got it for free in an Amazon moment of weakness* but it's started well......

    * Also known as a special offer period - as I see it's £1.99 now...
    Never knowingly undersailed...


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