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    3000 comes from Escape Yachting website. I have no idea if that information is correct.

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    That email from travel zoo (which is were I'm presuming this offer came from because it came to me as well) will have cost a minimum of 25,000 but could have easily cost over 100,000. Jsut to add to Angeles costings, can you begin to think how much it costs to up keep a 50 foot yacht in the Solent?!

    With regard the 600 per person, it's a nasty trick companies play and something I don't like. Some companies will say: 50% off, originally 6000, now just 3000 when in actual fact the boat is advertised elsewhere with no discount for 2000.

    However one bonus for them is we are talking about escape yachting on a major forum, so they're probably quite happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alasdair View Post
    However one bonus for them is we are talking about escape yachting on a major forum, so they're probably quite happy!
    Yes but I dont think there will be many takers from this site

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angele View Post
    According to the advert the offer covers a 4 month period. Two outings a day, seven days a week for 120 days with a capacity of 10 gives a maximum capacity of 2,400 "berths" - not 3,000.

    Either the season is longer than 4 months or (more likely, I suspect) we are talking about two boats here. Two boats, three skippers, three crew and three hosts/hostesses - to give everyone some time off (we aren't talking slavery here, I assume). Average wages say 200 per boat per day, for which you need to charge 240 because of that wonderful thing called VAT.

    Let's say the two boats are on average each used for 6 days a week, not seven - allows for maintenance, etc. (With two sailings on each boat a day, theoretical max capacity of both boats is about 4,100 = 120 x (6/7) x 2 x 2 x 10. Therefore 3,000 guests is around 73% capacity - sounds plausible.

    That would consume around 50,000 of the income (including VAT) in "wages" alone - and that is assuming the skipper et al are self employed and you don't have to pay NI, etc. (200 x 120 x (6/7) x 2 x 1.2).

    Then you have to take off food, drink, maintenance, berthing, insurance, etc, even before you get to a return on your capital outlay.

    100 per head (or 300,000 over the season) sounds about right to me, but is not going to make anyone a millionaire. I suspect they would need to need to put the boats to work either side of the peak season to really make this pay. (Unless there are, of course, lots of people willing to cough up the full 600).
    Someone else mentions the marketing and the berthing as well.

    But hold on!!!!

    This is Scuttlebutt, on the YBW forums.

    This breakdown of costs is far too sensible.

    No-one in business should be allowed to even cover their costs, let alone make a profit.
    You see, people who are employed are not making a profit, no, they are earning a salary.

    I think by pointing out that these people are maybe not be even making break-even is very foolish.
    Of course if they only manage 4 days hire a week they'll make a stonking loss.

    Which would seem to suit some forumites.

    Balance will be restored.

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    Default Response from Escape Yachting

    Thanks for the comments on our recent special offer, which range from those who clearly know about the costs of running a luxury yacht skippered charter company to those who don't! We sell a range of day trips, weekends and holidays - and this limited offer helps us to fill up some of the spare capacity on the yachts. Some commentators have obviously not seen the prices that some companies charge for corporate hospitality on the Solent!

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    Day-by-day, The yacht trip cost is increasing because of vat, not only trips but also simultaneously the cost for every thing is increasing. In these days, The Yacht trip cost reducing from 600 reduced to 99, It is really useful and many of them are utilized this offer also.

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