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What I object to about the RYA is that they have a vested interest in seeing legislation introduce to make "qualifications" mandatory because they get a hell of a lot of revenue from all those sailing qualifications & courses they run?
It is similar it seems to me to those marine conservation zones where many "conservationists" benefit financially (not mentioning any names) or their careers flourish as a result.
The rest of us just get screwed.I really hope that I am not being unreasonable here.It just seems to me that bureaucracy is taking over & before long we will require a permit to scratch our arse.
Yes you are being unreasonable as you are accusing an organisation you clearly know nothing about of doing exactly the opposite of what it actually does.

In this country you need NOTHING official to go boating. All the requirements you are complaining about are required of you by other countries if you want to boat in their territorial waters. All the RYA and MCA are doing is providing you with the means of meeting those requirements should you need to.