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    Default Pedalo for Charity

    HI guys - would really appreciate help / advice - were intending to cross scotland via pedalo to raise funds for the Princes Trust and Downs research. Were struggling to source suitable pedalos. Does anyone have any advice. Really appreciate your time. Thanks

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    Default pedalo

    I don't know if you are trying to buy,beg or borrow one but there are some for sale on fleabay

    this one is in fetching pink!

    if you don't want to buy it and if it doesn't sell perhaps the owner might come to an arrangement?

    Best of luck both on your hunt and your trip

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    Default Big thanks

    Big thanks for taking time to respond - flea bay has been trawled - sadly as the route we're taking is on open water - loch ness etc - we need sea worthy pedalo rather than flat fronted version - we've found ones for sale in leamington spa via guys who did the thames last year so have an option but going to continue with flea bay to try to get cheaper.

    Really appreciate your efforts.




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