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If we have a reasonable connection we can use the iPad with TVCatchup, iPlayer (and ITV equivalents), Netflix, Lovefilm etc. plus if we cared to we could get a Sky contract at home and then use the Sky viewer app. It rather 'wastes' the saloon TV but an iPad propped up on the table is OK and we can even watch different things if need be, and also watch in the cabins and on deck.

Against these internet based alternatives where we get enhanced connections for regular internet use as well as access to TV I'm thinking the cost of the sat dish doesn't make much sense. We can also try the internet alternatives before splashing out if they don't work well enough.

Thoughts, ideas, experiences?
I use a 3 Mifi on the canals and it works great stuck in the window.

To watch on the actual TV, I log on with the laptop, then use an HDMI cable to the TV.

Slightly cumbersome, but it means we get TV on the TV, including the Sky mobile channels.

If you can get a Mifi with 20Gb in Jersey, that has to be the way to go initially. Not sure where you get £500 of up front costs though. The Mifi is about £80 from 3, or you can get them unlocked on eBay.