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    Default Re: The Yanks have got our Concorde

    Im far too young to remember all this but I thought that if it wasnt for the USA concorde would have had nowhere to fly to, as everywhere else had not wanted to buy it or let it fly over them?

    still dont think they should get one though!!


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    Default Re: Was it the final final?

    Nothing about it in the concorde diary

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    Default Re: The Yanks have got our Concorde

    Not sure, but got the impression at the time, that because the US got their nose out of joint over it, they started the ball rolling and the others just blindly followed suit for no good reason.

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    Default Re: Concorde and Air Canada ?

    Interesting post on Shufflebum a while ago from a chap working for the first airline to cancel its options on the Concorde as soon as it become obvious to them the thing was never going to make any money for his airline on the proposed routes they wanted to fly.

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    Default Re: Concorde and Air Canada ?

    If my memory is working OK, I believe 17 airlines actually took options to purchse Concorde (including luminaries such as IranAir). I think only 3 made firm orders .......we all know 2 but you may be surpised by the third, can anyone name them ?

    History will always argue about who took the first options ...only the BAC bosses know the truth to that; although I suspect Pan Am.

    First to cancel were Pan Am and TWA... I would argue that they could have made money ( and still be around today!!) as the original purchase price was around 16m......1.e. peanuts in terms of the aircraft life...

    I think the most options open to purchase at the 'peak' was around 78

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