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    Sorry repeat of previous vid.

    I posted a previously posted vid. Almost lakesailored someone. Bad show.
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    Not sure of your point, Lakey? Didn't I see that heli/RIB sequence, earlier?

    True, I must learn to turn my links into ready-to-play extracts from Youtube, too. Is it difficult?

    Are Chinooks twice as troublesome to fly as choppers with tail rotors? Is the...collective connective...or can one apply full thrust to the rear and put the front in reverse, for spectacular pitchpoles? Like turning a twin-engined catamaran..?

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    I did hear that the gearboxes on Chinooks were a bit suspect - which is not what one wants to hear - but I'd hope they sorted that long ago.

    The one that escaped the sinking of Atlantic Conveyor in the Falklands is still in use, there's a programme about it coming soon, naturally I forget when.

    There is still the controversy about the Chinook which flew into a Scottish hillside in bad vis, killing everyone inc a lot of top UK intelligence bods; the Father of one of the pilots has campaigned relentlessly to have his sons' name cleared of the 'Pilot Error' tag, and recently won; there's a lot of doubt about some of the electronic engine controls and the theory is they caused low power, forcing it down into a place no sane pilot would normally go.

    I knew a Harrier Test Pilot who was killed by faulty equipment - I was photographer on the Board Of Inquiry - but they still tried to call that pilot error, apparently for political & financial reasons, all my photo's were taken and locked in a safe though I didn't know about all this at the time; his widow fought BAe for 5 years, and I'm delighted to say she won.

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