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At the risk of turning this into a "best antifoul" thread, I have used Jotun SeaQueen and Seaguardian for about five years now in Haslar so the same waters. Lasts 2 years with a wash off at the end of the first year. You get a line of kelp at the waterline but nothing except a thin coat of slime on the rest of the hull. I know the seaquirts are there in Haslar because I found one up the engine water intake!!

It is pretty cheap as well
Damn, that has now put me in a quandry, to anti foul or not to anti foul that is now the question? I used to be indecisive but now i'm not so sure!
Seriously though, thanks for your input, it could be worth a try along with regular beaching and cleaning. We are not racers so not looking for perfection and cheap is good!