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    Quote Originally Posted by ZigmundoVanDog View Post
    Major downside to PAYG Dongle in France. You will need a French address and French bank account!!
    None of the shops I visited last June when establishing available options requested anything other than cash to pay for the dongle. The Orange puck we eventually purchased came with IIRC 1Gb allowance included. No address or bank details requested nor given. Orange shop, Concarneau. I explained to all that we were mobile onboard a sailing boat. None raised any problems at all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by st599 View Post
    Amazon got wise - read the terms and conditions for a new purchase - can only be used to download purchases from their webstore.
    I seem to be able to use mine for general browsing - in fact Amazon supply a load of standard links like BBC news so encourage it

    The browser is slow, clunky, and monochrome, but I'll wager that it is one of a very select group of gadgets that you could use to access the internet sitting on the coachroof in the sunshine!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZigmundoVanDog View Post
    That is indeed interesting. Can you let me know where/when you got the dongle and original SIM card. Ta
    Brought it in Auchen supermarket 9 (sim only) Had a little problem getting it going so went to an Orange shop who set it up on my Tab and registered it to me using my UK address.. Also works in my mifi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davewarburton View Post
    Brilliant - thanks so much, just what I needed to know. Just guess I will have to visit the first Orange/SFR shop I can find.
    Hi we are live aboards in Morlaix France. If you come here you have a choise. Either you can pay to be on NETABOARD (not too expensive) or you can connect to our private secured wifi at 10 per month. The signal will reach all of the marina.

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