Long time lurker. Enjoyed all your input, but I have a slightly different issue.

Father built Eventide in back garden when I was a kid. Unfortunately burnt next to a boatshed in Littlehampton before launch! (More traumatic than divorce or deaths in the family!, he has never got over it!) Insurance bought another Eventide and spent youth in Portsmouth Harbour in the drizzle (can't remember much sun!) going round in circles!

Fast forward 30 years and I now live in Edinburgh. Friend's Father has Bowman 34 at Arisaig, been out on it a few times and want to start sailing again.

So I was thinking save up and start in about 5 years on West coast. But I was in Granton last night wasting time yesterday afternoon (cancelled work appointment) and thought I should just buy a 10k boat and get on with it in Edinburgh.


Just spent this evening looking at boats on Boatshed as they have decent pics and the 10k - 15k boats are manky, and my wife will never even step foot on them! Damp! Kids (9 & 10)have asthma and she wouldnt let them within 100m of some of the ones I have looked at!

So what to do??!! Any experiences of people with a boat that is clean and dry??!! Lots of posts on here about what sails best, but I think I need a boat that I can get my family on!!!! And less than 15k for the first phase then if all goes well upgrade in 5 years!