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    Default Re: Extra 20 pages

    You've hit the nail on the head.

    1) Every one of the Buying Guide's 22 pages is in addition to the regular magazine editorial. If it wasn't there you would get exactly the same magazine minus the guide.

    2) Although it does cost us time and money to produce, it is a relatively small sum when compared with the time, effort and money needed to produce 22 'normal' editorial pages. We simply do not have the resources to do that.

    3) We have had a great many comments from new readers, boat buyers and even the trade who find it a hugely useful reference source. The fact that it runs every month and is updated to reflect new model launches, price rises etc is an essentail element of its appeal and usefulness.

    4) You don't have to read it. You can ignore it, tear it out, burn it or even send it to President Bush if it offends you that much.

    5) Rather than moaning about innaccuracies it would be a huge help if you could e-mail any errors you spot to and we will put them right.

    Bah humbug etc


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    Default Re: Extra 20 pages


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    Default Re: MBM Buyers Guide, Opinions Please!

    Why not expand it a little (a la car mags) ie more info when model launched etc etc and stick it in the back after the classified.

    I get fed up having a heavy mag that is full of 'repeats' frankly.


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    Default Re: Extra 20 pages

    I think its a good thing, and whilst one doesnt need to refer to it each time one reads a new copy its usefull to have. Why only the other day a customer spotted lots of Montereys around our area, and I was able to give him a guide price by picking up the mag.

    This week I used it because our skipper Philcool has just flown off to Barcelona to bring a boat round for an existing client, a brand new Cranchi 40 Atlantique.
    I start wondering how much they are (nosy bugger I am) so I look in MBM (Dec issue just arrived, damn post) and there is the price in the guide.
    Lot easier than finding a Cranchi dealer then telephoning them
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    Default Re: Extra 20 pages

    IMHO if its removal would mean that no other editorial or features replaced it then leave it in. It then needs someone to pester the providers of the data to check on its accuracy.

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    Default Re: Extra 20 pages

    is it my imagination or is everyone a bit shirty. P'haps its the weather.

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    Default Crawler !!

    Is the same Clive that we know and love? Hugo's comments were right on the space..

    definitely gone (I)PC, you after an advertising discount or what?

    P.S. Interested if Phil says that the heads stunk on the Cranchi.. they have on every endurance 39 that I have been on..

    Looking foreard to mobbing the stand at LBS

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    Default Re: Look at the size of your past mags!

    OK,OK, I can accept some people like it, but I have just dug out a few back copies, of about 2 years ago and the average page length was 160 pages! As we still only get 160 pages inclusive of the 20 pages of this guide I think we are losing interesting articles from the mag. Come on IPC the mags getting very boring!


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    Default Look who has been on a diet!

    Not sure if this will work as its my first attempt at Markups....


    [image] [/image]

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    Default Re: Crawler !!

    Me a crawler , no what I stated was fact. I'll ask Phil about the heads, mind you it is brand new remember. You'll see Phil & Neil, I'll be in Spain, enjoy yourself.
    Regards Clive

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