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    Cool New drain plug LED from the states, Bling Bling

    Just wondering around the us offshore forum and found these drain plug led are getting very good reviews.

    A quick search on eBay and here is the link, there are others this is just one of 9 sellers, my hand is trying not to hit the the buy now button, but its hard, problem is i took out my drain plug last year and had it all glass filled b!@#$r did not see that coming .
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    I bought a couple of these, not had boat in water yet but will take a picture when tried and tested, I thought for that price you can't go wrong. I got them within four days of paying.

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    With this second one though in the ad they say they don't recommend long term insertion in water - but they are selling as a transom light! Seems a bit daft to me....
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    I have one on my dinghy, but noe from E bay, got it off the guys who are on here, cant remember now, but its great and looks a lot better made than that one.
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