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Thread: Using an iPad

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    Use your fingers to spread it sideways to fill the lateral borders , this also enlargers the text , get rid of RH white bit .

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    Here is a what you get with my YBWwide bookmarklet I posted earlier. It does the same as my Compact Page View' usersyle.

    But you have to tap the bookmarklet - you can see it at the top left - on every page so it's not much easier than double-tapping or reverse-pinching to zoom it in. As you see it doesn't make the text any bigger though, which may or may not be what you want.

    Unfortunately there is no way, with Safari, to apply this style automatically.

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    For anyone who might be interested the iBook I am authoring is finished being edited and is now back from Imray. It has two new chapters and the title has changed from An iBook Guide to iPad Route Planning to iPad route planning using Imray Chart Navigator and Tucabo TidesPlan12

    More info and can be found on my website.

    Regards Chris.
    6kt. against a 6kt. stream leaves time to wish you'd route planned.

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    Please leave as it is
    I enjoy reading this forum on my ipad
    Works extremely well


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