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    Default Next east coast Jester meet - 28th April

    There was general agreement at the last meet up that a final one before the
    challenge started would be a nice idea.

    We therefore plan to meet at Titchmarsh Marina in the Walton Backwaters on the
    28th April.

    If anyone is coming by car the post code is CO14 8SL

    As always everyone is welcome.


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    Default Meet

    Is the marina tidal? Might be tempted to sail up from Rgate.


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    Hi David,

    Apologises for the delay in coming back to you, I've been going flat out in order to get launched.

    Unless soundings have changed recently there is at least 2m of water in the marina but very little over the sill at the entrance when on LW neaps. Therefore no boats leave or enter on LW springs.

    If you arrive at the wrong time you can tie up to the pontoon just outside the marina and wait for enough water. This is also where the Jester cataramans tend to tie up so look out for George Jepps.

    Entrance to the marina is through the Walton Channel. My best advice here is to look out for the Pye End Buoy off Harwich which is a red and white safe water mark. It can be difficult to see unless you know where it is and even then it takes me ages to find it.

    Because I'm the cautious type I'd advise you to make sure you know where the bouys are and to keep to them. I draw 5' 4" and tend to get in and out without problems (hope I don't live to regret saying that so I'd like to state now that I am touching wood!!) but you do need to keep to the bouyage unless you are a real local.

    If you want further advice you can contact Titchmarsh Marina on 01255 672185.

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    Did this occur?

    I thought about going but with the weather on Saturday and Sunday I'm pleased I didn't.
    I didn't fancy going through the Middle Deep or The Wallet with wind over tide. And I would have had to go up with a headwind and wouldn't have made it on the ebb. The NE wind would have been helpful on the way back though.

    I sent a text to my wife on Sunday morning: 'Raindrops keep falling on my head, and I'm in the cabin with the washboards in.'
    John Apps
    Passage plans rarely survive the first gale.

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    Yes it went ahead. There were 8 of us in the end.

    I went down to my boat on Saturday afternoon wondering if I should try and motor round only to tele Rosemary to say 'I think I'll come in the car with you!!' In the end I'm glad I did.

    In true Jester spirit.....we all arrived by car!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Independence View Post
    'I think I'll come in the car with you!!' In the end I'm glad I did.

    In true Jester spirit.....we all arrived by car!!
    Dont feel bad wimping out now!

    All the best for the trip, if only........................
    Peter. Not changing my name yet but am now Boatless.


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